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Kids pyjamas from Plain Lazy for stylish nights

Your little man may be at the age when he has an opinion about what he wears in theday. But if his stylish demands cross over to night time, then boys pyjamas from PlainLazy could help keep him happy.

Our kids pjs are made from organic cotton, a material that we support here at PlainLazy. Not only do we think boys pyjamas should be as soft as possible, but we believe they should express what kids often say. That's why our range of boys pjs all come with a message.

We think that sometimes parents just have to go with the flow when it comes to their children and our boys pyjamas can help your favourite boys get straight to the point when it comes to bedtime.

So why not take a look at our super-soft range of boys pyjamas and treat your littleones to fun-yet-stylish nightwear?

Make Plain Lazy's boys pjs top of your list

Kids pyjamas from Plain Lazy are not only made from 100 per cent organic cotton.Our boys pjs can also be washed at 40 degrees Celsius or less, potentially helping to save the environment as well as your finances.

Our ethical stance on how we source and produce our clothing means our boys pjs are cosy and comfortable, perfect for helping your kids get some rest at night.
Our Don't Wake Me I'm Busy boys pjs could be perfect for lads who don't like being woken up when they eventually get to sleep. Inspired by skaters, this boys pyjamas set has a Plain Lazy waist band to look like the older kids who wear their jeans low.

Our Plain Lazy branding can also be found on our checked boys pj bottoms. These are not only great for bedtimes but also for lounging around in. Stylish kids know that you have to look good in pjs, even when you are doing nothing in particular.

Like all our boys pyjamas, these bottoms are also made from organic cotton and can be easily washed at low temperatures.

The eye-catching Captain Slack boys pjs make it clear that your young lad is in norush to either get to bed or to get up in the morning. Sometimes children just need tobe allowed to relax and here at Plain Lazy we think our soft boys pyjamas certainly do the trick.

Our Bedroom DJ boys pjs are for those guys who love music but who aren't quite upto scratch with entertaining hundreds of fans just yet. And what better place to indulge their love of music than in their bedroom, wearing these boys pyjamas?

Start shopping for Plain Lazy kids pyjamas

All of our boys and girls pjs come in ages six to 13, so you will have lots of choice depending on the size required. Once your little ones grow up, you may want to steer them away from kids pjs and into the direction of our Plain Lazy men's underwear and socks. Like all of our boys pyjamas, these also come with straight-to-the-point and playful messages.

Plain Lazy provides free UK delivery if you spend more than £40 on kids pjs. You may also like to look at our boys bags with slogans such as Reduce Your Carbon Footprint…Stay In Bed if he really needs to get the message across about his love ofsleep.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages can also keep you up to date with our latest kids pjs and offers, as can our email newsletter. If you would like to find out more about any of our boys and girls pyjamas and other clothing and accessories then get in touch and our staff will be more than happy to help.